12 Reasons Why you Need Social Media for your Business

Name one person you know who doesn’t have a phone. I’ll wait. 

Okay, yes, maybe your grandfather doesn’t have a phone because he doesn’t understand how the darn thing works, but besides him — anyone else? No. 

You see, with the help of cell phones, tablets and laptops, almost every person on earth is reachable in one way or another. 

And, as the world continues to become more connected, an increasing number of people are using social media to stay in touch with people they know, as well as educate and entertain themselves. 

Why Should your Business use Social Media?

Social media is a great tool for new and current information, letting people know about something instantly as well as engaging with new ideas and people all around the world.

In South Africa alone, 40% of South Africa’s population are active social media users. That’s 22.89 million people out of an estimated population of over 57 million.  

You may be thinking, “Well that’s great, but why does my business need to be on social media?” or “The simple answer is that social media is a great way to reach the people you want to reach and to stay connected to your clients, potential clients and audience. 

Fact is, in our day and age, social media is like a stamp of approval for brands from consumers. As people are bombarded with so many messages every day, it’s important that you show up for the people who follow and support your brand.

How Will Social Media Benefit your Small to Mid-Sized Business?

Here are 12 ways.

1. Brand Awareness

Often, people underestimate the power of brand awareness. 

Would you rather have an amazing product that no one knows about or an average product that sells? I knew that’s what you were going to say — an amazing product that everyone knows about and sells! 

Having a product/service — irrelevant of how awesome it is — doesn’t mean anything if no one knows about it. Getting your name out there and your brand known by as many people as possible is key. 

Needless to say, social media is a great tool for brand awareness, especially for small to medium sized businesses. 

2. Social proof

Social media puts you on the map and is an excellent tool to show your audience what you do and who you are. 

We all love a little ‘behind-the scenes’ video or ‘a day in the life’ snippet, right? 

Social media creates an opportunity to show off your brand on a daily basis while also giving your audience real-time information about your brand. 

Invite people backstage into your business. Show them behind the scenes — the process of your product or service, the raw moments and small wins. It gives you a platform where you can show off what you’re doing, achieving, and what your greatest successes are.

3. You stay top of mind

Imagine this scenario: You’re having dinner with your friends (maybe some wine) and someone starts talking about shoes. Sam starts telling everyone about this brand she saw on social media today with fabulous shoes. 

This is where you want your brand to be in the conversation, top of mind and immediately triggered. 

Does this resonate? People spend lots of time scrolling and with good, consistent content, people will notice you. They will want to look at and read your content, which will make an imprint on their brain, so when the need comes up, you are the first option they think about.

4. Gives your brand credibility

Think about it – when anyone tells you about a product or service they liked, what is the first thing you do? You hop onto social media to see if they live up to their reputation and what they are like – or is that just me? 

Being on social media gives your brand the credibility it needs – especially in the digital age, where people are bombarded with too much information. 

Brand credibility is an important step to nurturing your audience and building trust. With unique and engaging content, consistency and transparency, your brand is full-steam on its way to being credible. 

Use the platforms available to you to build your brand credibility.

5. Increases website traffic

If your digital marketing is structured like mine, all your important information is on your website as well as how to get in contact with you. If you have a product biz, then you most probably have an online store where people can purchase your products. 

Naturally, you want people to be visiting your website. Social media is an awesome way to get people onto your website. Links in posts, descriptions and bios are so useful and you should take advantage of this.

6. Makes you accessible and reachable

Social media is quick and instant, which makes solving problems or receiving feedback convenient. If a client has a problem, query or wants to give you a compliment, they can pop onto Facebook and send you a direct message. 

This makes your brand seem tangible, relatable and accessible to your customers. It also gives your brand that personal touch, a key ingredient in building relationships with the people supporting you.

7. Adding value 

Being active on social media gives you the opportunity to add value to your audience & customers. It’s not just about what they’re giving you (buying your products and supporting your business) but also what you can offer them. 

Ask yourself: “How can I improve the lives of those who follow me?” It’s important to connect with your why in your business – why are you doing what you’re doing? When you’ve established this, it’s easier to know what you have to offer and what your audience needs from you. 

Social media offers the opportunity to connect with your why on a daily basis and to add value to those who support you.

8. Creates authenticity

In a virtual world, it’s easy to be ‘fake’ and to get caught up in a world that doesn’t exist. With social media, you have the opportunity to be authentic. Show people who you are and the person behind the brand. 

Show your struggles and your wins. 

9. Builds customer trust and relationships

Social media helps you build relationships with the people viewing your content: people can see what you are doing, which creates brand transparency and creates trust within your followers. 

Why is this important? It is so important to have an audience that feels they know and can trust you because they are essentially the people keeping your business alive!

10. Reputation management

Scenario time! – You are doing a great job at showing up and being authentic on social media (yay!) but someone drops a negative review, something similar to this: “Ordered from this store and the delivery took forever. When my package finally arrives, it’s the wrong product and the packaging is done horribly. Can’t believe I wasted my time and money on this brand, so disappointed.” 

That’s pretty harsh, but thanks for the feedback, Joe. 

So what do you do? Well you can buy yourself a tub of ice-cream, put on your pj’s and wallow in front of the tv (I recommend you do this #selfcare). When you’ve taken the time to get over it, you can use social media to rectify the situation. 

You can reply to her comment in a nice manner, offering her a freebie and a gift from your store. The real benefit here is that everyone else can see that you have tried to rectify the situation and you are still showing up, no matter what! You handled the situation with grace and all is good! 

11. Gives your brand a personality

A brand without a personality is like meeting a really good-looking human but all he/she can talk about is their pet cat – no-one cares! (Just to be clear, I adore cats to bits but you get my point) 

Your brand needs a personality and a place to flaunt it – hence, social media. Another great benefit to having social media!

12. Builds customer loyalty 

Last but not least, social media offers a great way to build trust and loyalty with your customers. Once you’ve reaped all the other benefits of social media, you can reap this one. It is usually the last benefit to pop up, but – oh my – is it worth it! 

It is so worth having people who are loyal to your brand. People who will not even look at a similar product or consider another service like yours because in their minds, yours is the absolute best! 

Think about the brands you are loyal to – are you going to go to a different hair salon/barber every month if you swear by the one you have? No, of course not. This is what you want! Social media is a great tool for achieving this.

Ready to get your business onto social media?

Yes, social media is time consuming, especially when you’re already running and growing a business. I also battle to find time to focus on my own social media – even as a social media manager, but because I know the benefits, I want to prioritise and set goals around showing up consistently – with valuable content of course.  

So, let’s make a commitment to each other today to start prioritising social media for our businesses. Start taking messy action, it doesn’t have to be extreme or perfect, it just needs to be consistent!


I can help you with your social media! View my social media packages and contact me if any of these tickle your fancy. Hope to be working with you soon!

Catch you on the flip side,



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