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Branding. Marketing. Design.

Hello  there,

My name is Aisling and I am a creative consultant.

Ashlin Green is my personal brand I use to express my vibrant passion for branding, marketing and design. As an innovative designer, I fall in love with unique ideas daily.   

I have always dreamt of empowering other companies. I want to use my passion to give small businesses their edge and enjoy building businesses who do not yet have an established and recognised brand. With the right brand-building, design elements, and marketing strategy, I can help you create a keen brand that speaks volumes.

It’s so nice to meet you!

what I offer.

Ashlin Green provides sophisticated creative services to small businesses who strive to be successful but work on a tight budget. Branding and marketing is crucial, yet it does not have to cost an arm and a leg to be effective. 


A brand is not just a logo. It is more than that: it is that for which your company stands. Let Ashlin Green build your corporate identity, create your brand strategy or rebrand if you feel like changing it up.


Marketing is all about reminding your customers of your brand. Keep you customers in the loop. In the digital age, building your online presence is key. Ashlin Green offers many social media marketing services.


The design and the aesthetic of your brand should be highly valued at your company. Good design makes your brand memorable and your marketing exciting. Trust Ashlin Green to take care of all your design needs.

brand promise.

Ashlin Green strives to give other companies a dynamic and influential voice within the market. I promise to inspire unique branding and marketing as well as deliver quality designs. Through the use of innovation and creativity, I can help you create a profound brand identity for your company.

I deliver the best service possible by satisfying the personal needs of my customers and remaining transparent in my business. Ashlin Green promises to capture the essence of your company.

latest projects.

Ashlin Green is a branding and marketing company that offers a broad spectrum of services. With a Bachelor of Design specialising in Marketing & Communication, I have the necessary knowledge and skillset to give your brand the necessary elements it needs to stand out.  

The Rasmus

The Rasmus Boutique Hotel is a hidden gem situated in the heart of Pretoria. This place is exquisite and I had the opportunity to create their entire corporate identity. Additionally, I designed business cards, brochures & delivery menus for them. For me, this was a treat!

Les Danseuses

Les Danseuses is an Adult Ballet Studio that accommodates beginner and advanced adult dancers. This studio is built on love, laughter and hard work. Ashlin Green manages their Instagram, YouTube and Facebook profiles.  Additionally, I cater to their email marketing needs.

Hotel Nieu

Hotel Nieu is not just a serene place but a peaceful way of living. This hotel is a modern sanctuary. I had the opportunity to create a few print designs for them, including a hotel directory, ‘do not disturb’ signs for the hotel doors and laundry cards for dirty towels.

Naked Underneath

This is a very new and small company with a vision to become a big branding company in the future. Naked Underneath’s branding is fun, young and striking. I enjoyed designing their unique logo and creating a flirty corporate identity using bright colours and stunning typography.


Ilse’sart is processed-driven ‘art therapy’ that utilises a variety of techniques. It  focuses on unlocking your creativity through a holistic experience in a secure environment. Ashlin Green created the entire Corporate Identity for Ilse’sart and manages her social media platforms.

some sweet words.

As a young designer, I have had the opportunity to work with a lot of fabulous and inspiring people! Here are some kind review from my clients that have made my heart smile! 

“Ashlin Green has a fresh approach to branding and social media that often surprises me. She delivers timeously & listens carefully to my ideas and then transforms them into exciting content that thrills my followers. She is very dedicated and always looking for the next great idea.”

Les Danseuses

Adult Ballet Studio

“Ashlin Green has proved invaluable in creating a brand persona for me. Her expertise and intuitive attention to detail ensured the successful launch of my business on all platforms. Her work ethic is exemplary & professionalism – always on point.”


Fine Artist. Art Teacher. Art Lover.

“Aisling is one of the most naturally talented young designers I have met in many years! She has an instinctive “feel” for design. She carefully listens to her client’s needs. These abilities combined with her incredible work ethic takes allows for a wonderful creative journey ending in a successful product; tailor made to every clients unique needs!”

the rasmus

Boutique Hotel in Pretoria

“Aisling is a good listener and she ask questions to ensure that she fully understand the brief. She has creative vision and can deliver on short notice! Impressive!”

Debbie Lubbe

Public Relations Manager